Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Windows 7 - missing it already

Further to my last post on Windows 7 and my experiences on using it, just wanted to add another post now about my RC coming to an end. It will soon be time to remove from my machine, and have started the transition back to using the corporate XP version until I can work out where to go next.

Needless to say, I am already missing Windows 7, it's smoothness, functionality and general good fun whilst using it - it's been a real pleasure so far!

Highlights using it still include the most useful tools for me day to day - the snipping tool for sending screen shots to customers, the aero alt-tab, the new toolbar design and grouping of applications, the free-to-move gadgets (love the stock ticker) to name a few.

My experience with speed has also been consistent throughout, quick boot-up times, application focus quick after logging in, few issues with Outlook - however this was because the machine was not on the domain therefore proxy auth kept popping up all the time. On a production machine obviously this would go away and would not be an annoyance!

During my time using it I had no application crashes, no errors, blue screens etc which also made a change, also the IE8 shipped with Windows 7 was found to be stable and reliable using it on our web-based applications.

Our IS department have now issued a statement regarding Windows 7 and it's release to developers only. Unfortunately until our internal applications are certified for running Windows 7 it will not be officially rolled out. Certainly for me at least, most if not all of the work I do is through a browser - Firefox/IE8 through to our Clarify Support System, therefore these can easily be emulated through User Agent String Utils or things like IE tab for Firefox.

Will start to prepare our Virtual Labs for Windows 7 once fully released providing a client base for our applications to run on.

Roll-on 22nd October.….:)