Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Windows 7 instead of Vista?

I have been running Windows 7 RC dual boot for some time now and have to say I am very impressed with the speed, look and feel and built in functionality.

Within our company the standard roll-out build of operating system is Windows XP, however more recently laptops have been coming out if IS running Windows Vista. Certainly playing with Windows Vista and Windows 7 side-by-side the reports are true about initial response times, pre-loading and performance gains on Windows 7.

The version I am running is Ultimate Edition which includes the Media Center option which with my ATI graphics card looks great in Aero view mode. I am pleased to see that useful features such as the great snipping tool are still there from Vista - I use this all the time when screen shotting and sending to customers (much easier than cut and paste/paintbrush/crop etc).

I also like the free-to-drop-anywhere gadgets which previously had to be snapped onto a gadget bar in Vista - works very well on dual monitor mode.

I am looking to build a new media center pc at home (well have been for a year or so now) but been holding off, I think now may well be the time to do this with Windows 7, all I need to do now is save up :)

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